Budget 2014 – A summary

Devil is, as always, in the details but the headline changes in the 2014 budget were: Personal tax For 2015 to 2016 the personal allowance for those born after 5 April 1948 will increase to £10,500 and the basic rate limit will be £31,785 for 2015 to 2016. For 2015 to 2016 the starting rate for savings

New fuel rates for company cars

HMRC has updated the advisory fuel rates applicable where employers reimburse employees for business travel in their company cars, or require employees to repay the cost of fuel used for private travel.  From 1 March 2011 the rates are: Engine size Petrol Diesel LPG 1400cc or less 14p 13p 10p 1401cc to 2000cc 16p 13p 12p Over

Interest on employee loans to remain at 4.00%

HMRC have confirmed that the official rate of interest applying to interest-free or low interest loans made to employees will remain at 4.00% for the 2011–12 tax year, subject to review in the event of significant rate

PAYE payment dates alert

HMRC are tightening the rules on the payment of taxes.  To avoid paying late employers must ensure HMRC have cleared funds by the due date or, if the due date falls on a non-banking day, by the last bank working day before the due

National Employement Savings Trusts (Nests)

The Government is implementing a compulsory pension scheme from 2012. From 2017 employers will need to contribute at least 3% of earnings.  Employees will contribute 4% and HM Revenue & Customs 1% as tax relief. Compliance will be regulated by the Pensions Regulator. More details of the NESTS will be posted

Is a company car still a perk worth having?

Changes made to the taxation of company cars to fall in inline with the Government's green agenda mean that the once great perk of motoring at the cost of the employer is no longer the benefit it once was. To be given a company car is now the exception not the norm. If we