To secure your personal data we no longer issue client documents by email.  Instead, we operate an online Client Portal where you can access your documents via a web browser at any time, and from any place, so long as you have reasonable internet access.

Registration for new clients

To access your account you will first need to register with a password by clicking on the link you receive through your email.  Once registered you can access your records from this web address:

How to sign and approve documents

Please follow the instructions below to e-Sign your documents.

  1. Access the portal via the above link, or from the notification email
  2. On the left is a menu called ‘Dashboard’. Click on ‘Awaiting approval’ – this will bring up a list of documents requiring a signature
  3. Select the red “Sign” button to open the document
  4. Click on “Review Signature”, which is below “Pending Actions” on the top left side of the page. This will take you to the signature space on the document.
  5. Click on the blue “Signature” box and a pop-up will appear “Apply Signature” allowing you to do so in one of 3 ways,
    1. Draw (using your mouse)
    2. Text (using your keyboard)
    3. Upload (using a pre-saved signature file)
  6. After adding your signature, click on “Sign & Apply All” which means all signatures on that document will be completed
  7. Click on “Approve” on the bottom right of the screen